Dassana’s mission is to unlock the power of a modern cybersecurity mesh for enterprises. Recognizing that many organizations struggle to operationalize their security tools, we offer a solution that normalizes data, adds organizational context, and attributes data to its rightful owners. This allows organizations to extract vital insights to expedite time-to-remediation, enhance the productivity of security teams, and ultimately bolster the effectiveness of security controls.

Minimize security risks + Maximize collaboration We get it - startups all say the same thing. But we're not (sorta, kinda) here to sell you on why you should choose our startup versus the next one. We're here to provide you with information about the limitless possibilities you may have. This opportunity could be the ONE for you.

What is it that actually separates us from the rest? Simply put: the people. Backed by notable investors and led by successful serial entrepreneurs, we are a small team of about 20 members across the globe. This is a huge opportunity to make an impact. We believe that by equipping people with the best tools to solve their own problems, we can tackle the whole world's problems better, together.

Open Positions

<aside> 📢 HIRING HUMANS - While we don’t have any open positions at this time, feel free to reach out to see if positions may be coming along the way.



We have a few questions for you to answer before you apply. One simple email could change the entire course of your life. 😮

Are you hungry? I mean not hungry as in your belly aches for food, but are you actually HUNGRY? In other words, are you a go-getter? Can you execute? Do you enjoy wearing multiple hats? Do you find yourself embracing your inner weirdo often? 🤨 If you answered yes to it all....well then, Dassana may be the place for you. 😎

HOW TO APPLY? Are you a human? 👤 If so, send us your resume at [email protected] and tell us what department/team you'd like to contribute to + how you can add value to our team.

Are you a robot? 🤖 We are not accepting applications from robots at this time.

Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQs)

Life at Dassana

We're HUGE proponents of a LIFE-WORK harmony approach to the way we do things. Let's face it, there is no such thing as work-life balance. Life and work don't exist independently, it's all integrated. We've all been guilty of working ourselves to the ground so much so that we lose sight of what's really important. Our time is all we have and we just want to have fun and do what we love!